Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back Home Again~ Virginia Planeshift

Ever since the day, Virginia figured out that she could manipulate people’s minds into believing and doing what she wanted them too, she had been twisting and turning her own life around into a fantasy, story world that was becoming more dangerous by the minute. She acted stupid, most of the time, and things were getting to the point where she didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t real anymore. She could barely remember her name, let alone who she really was or where she was from. How much of what had happened the past few years was real and how much was her own, made up story? She had messed a lot of things up, and it was high time she went home.

Home to NYC which wasn’t exactly a comforting thought. She didn’t remember much about her home to be honest. The things she did remember, well she didn’t know if those were part of her fantasy world or not.

“Virginia?” She heard a familiar yet unfamiliar voice ask as she stepped into a beautiful, gothic, Victorian Mansion that reached up to the sky in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

“Mom?” Virginia asked, turning around to face her mother in… She couldn’t remember when she had last seen her mother.
Virginia’s mother looked at her daughter as if she was looking at a stranger and gave a tiny sigh. How many years had she missed because her daughter had been out planeswalking. Oh yes, Virginia’s mother was very aware of her daughter’s gifts. She herself could planeswalk.

“Virginia, where have you been all these years? You decided to one day dissapear and then without a word for ten years, you suddenly show back up at my door step. What am I supposed to expect. You’re hardly the child you were when you left.”
Virginia simply stared at her mother a bit dumbfounded and confused. How long had she been gone? She frowned slightly. Was there really an explanation she could give her mother other than the fact she had been pretty stupid?

“Mom, I’m… I’m sorry.” She said finally her eyes lowering slightly. So all those dreams she had, about the whatever they were called coming and attacking her family had been just that, dreams and not reality. She bit her lip. Yep, she had done some pretty stupid things. And she was far too old to be doing these kind of things.

“Oh Virginia, it’s alright, come inside, We’ll get you cleaned up a bit and get some decent food in you. God only knows what type of food and clothing you’ve had the past five years. Child, what were you thinking, running off like that. Don’t you know anything about planeswalking?”

“Not really.” Virginia answered shrugging out of her blue cloak and setting it onto a nearby chair that looked as if it came out of the Victorian time period. She frowned. Why couldn’t her mother keep modern things in her home?

“That’s what I thought.” Virginia’s mother answered irritably as she brought her wayward daughter upstairs to her old bedroom. Nothing had changed in it. “Will you at least promise to tell me before you go disappearing again?” She asked opening up Virginia’s once huge wardrobe. Most everything inside was five years outdated and in her normal state, Virginia wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing something that out dated. She stared at the clothes and looked at her mother.

“I promise Mom.” She stated softly, still as if she was in a daze. Nothing made sense to her, but then again, nothing ever did.

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So many hidden paths...all these questions arise as we read...wondering wondering....!!!