Thursday, May 14, 2009

Books and alot of nothing

Location: Bedroom
Book: Bewitching Season
Music: Jane Austen Entertains
Mood: Chipper!
I do suppose that having nothing to write could be a good thing lol. I've had no drama, and very little important events to write about. Life has been rather dull and boring. But I guess I would rather have it be that than crazy and in an up whirl. I guess I havent really had alot of time to do much lately. School and work are taking up alot of my time and I still havent read through Bewitching Season or the other books I have to read. Havent started that book, I'd like to write let alone the millions of other things I want to do. And I still need to put a ribbon on my calling card case. *Sighs* I did manage to buy two more books. Yep the woman who has a tone of books to read bought new ones lol. Books are like my drugs or something.

Anyway, I bought Tea With Jane Austen by Kim Wilson and Jane Austen in Bath Walking Tours of the Writer's City by Katharine Reeve. I also found another interesting book on Ebay called the Girl's Empire Book. It was originally written in the Victorian Time Period I believe. I might have that wrong. I wont get that book for a while though because its coming from England.

Well, I better go take care of my Cereal Bowl and glass and get started with my wonderful day off. *hugs all around*


The Muse said...

sometimes life is maintenance...! LOL

Joanna said...

lol thats for sure. I wish there was more time in the day to do things.