Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cathedral Visions; Twilight Alice Post

The sounds of ancient catholic chanting filled my ears as I wandered through the corridors of the Duomo Santa Maria Assunta in Volterra. I had no idea why I had found myself inside the beautiful medieval cathedral but for some reason I had been drawn to it. On a normal basis, religion wasn’t something I thought much about. I left that to Carlisle; after all it was his father who had been a priest. Not mine. At least I did not think mine had been priest.

It did not matter if I believed in Christ or not, it did not matter that if the humans around me knew that I was a vampire, they would condemn me to hell, what mattered to me was the peaceful serene feeling I often found inside cathedrals. The beautiful paintings, the statues, the alters, these old churches gave you the sense of belonging to something that was so much more than life itself, even if you did not believe in the same religion as the church itself did.

So I stood quietly in one of the cathedrals dark hallways, blending in with the shadows so no one would see me and trying to see into the past of the church instead of into the future. At times I often wished I could see the past instead of the future. Then again, what fun would being able to see the past be?

As I stood there deep in my thoughts the world around me grew suddenly quiet and I found myself spinning around in a hospital room. Images slowly came to my vision and instead of a blur, I saw Bella laying there in a hospital bed. This wasn’t really unusual for Bella given the fact that she always hurt herself some way or another. Charlie stood near her, and she didn’t seem to know why she was in the room any more than I did. The fact that I couldn’t figure out what had happened to Bella or had seen a vision of Bella being hurt before this, irked me to no end, and I found myself glaring.

The vision disappeared and I once again stood in the middle of a dark cathedral hall surrounded by medieval and renaissance paintings. A tiny sigh escaped my lips. Leave it to Bella to destroy my peaceful serene even when she wasn’t here, I thought, and glided down the hallway. I was going to have to tell Edward about this and I knew he would freak out.

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