Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crown of Flowers

It’s time for Renaissance Fairs and with Renaissance Fairs comes costumes. Most of the time you can buy costumes right at the fair, on the internet or lots of other places. But its always fun to make your own costumes and it’s accessories. One of the many accessories that seem very popular at fairs are flower wreaths. Here’s an easy how to make a wreath from one of my American Girl craft books.

Crown of Flowers

You will Need:

2 cloth covered stem or floral wires, one eighteen inches long and one nine inches long


Wire Cutters

Floral Tape


Fabric or real flowers. (Trim the stems so they are two or three inches long)


1. Attach the two floral wires to each other so they will be long enough to go around your head. To do this, first bend in about one inch of wire at one end of each wire.

2. Attach these two “hooks” of wire to each other. Squeeze the hooks so they are tightly joined.

3. Wrap the wire around your head to measure how long it should be. Cut off what you dont need with the wire cutters, leaving an extra inch or so of wire on each end. Bend over one inch of wire to make a hook at one end.

4. Cut a strip of floral tape twelve inches long, Wrap the strip around one end of the wire. Floral tape is slightly sticky so it will stay in place. AS you wrap fasten a flower to the wire by winding the tape around the stem a few times.

5. Keep cutting strips of tape and adding flowers all along the wire in the same way. You may find that flowers look best facing the same direction.

6. Wrap the crown around your head again and make a hook on the second end to fit your head. Hook the two ends together and squeeze so that the hooks tighten. Wrap a flower of the hooks with floral tape to hide them.

Taken from American Girl Library: Crafts for Girls

By Sally Seamans

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