Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to make Soap from 1901

To make a hard white soap take

10 pounds of grease

2 pounds of potash

2 quarts of cold water

2 tablespoonfuls of powdered borax

Melt the grease slowly heating it as little as possible; place the potash in the earthen bowl and add the water to the borax. The action of the potash will heat the water, and the whole should be stirred with a wooden stick and left to cool. When the fat is melted pour it into a wooden tub, and when quite cool, almost to thickening and the potash also, add the latter pouring into a very thin stream and stirring vigorously. After all is added continue the mixing for at least ten minutes , when the soap will look ropy and thick. Then pour it into pans or a wooden box to the depth of three inches. After standing six hours cut it into bars, and the bars into pieces of a six convenient for handling. The soap will be soft, but after three days may be hard enough to be taken from the pans and laid in a dry place to harden, This precess demands for its success only that the potash and grease shall both be cool when stirred together.

Taken from: The Delineator July 1901 issue page 147


The Muse said...

I have always wanted to try and make appears to be a bit like cooking...thus the issue arises...I wonder if I ever will? LOL

Joanna said...

lol I've always wanted to try it too. Though I dont think I'm gonna use the 1901 directions. Doubt I'd be able to find Borax anyway.

Joanna said...

Hey maybe I can find Borax I just googled it. Didn't think it was still in use. Shows what I know.

The Muse said...

have you tried it yet? LOL

Joanna said...

lol no not yet. Been to busy going to renaissance fairs when I should be doing homework lol.