Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aura Lee in Seattle~ Twilight Alice Post

I stood in the biggest shopping mall in Seattle surrounded by my siblings with the exception of Edward. I knew the minute we set foot in Seattle he would be racing off to Bella. And he was right, if it had been Jasper I would have done the same thing. However, as it was, Jasper was sitting right near me strumming on a guitar and singing a wonderful ballad he had learn from his Civil War days.

When the blackbird in the Spring,
'Neath the willow tree,
Sat and rock'd, I heard him sing,
Singing Aura Lea.

I moved in closer to where Jasper sat on the stool. People had gathered around him by now.

Aura Lea, Aura Lea,
Maid with golden hair;
Sunshine came along with thee,
And swallows in the air.

These were the times that I remembered why I loved him so much. He sung ballads and everyone would run to listen to him. He was charming and romantic, of course he was after all, from a different time than I was. Not that mattered I didn’t remember anything about my past life which was just as well.

In thy blush the rose was born,
Music, when you spake,
Through thine azure eye the morn,
Sparkling seemed to break.
Aura Lea, Aura Lea,
Birds of crimson wing,
Never song have sung to me,
As in that sweet spring.

Jasper gently took my hand and I grinned over at Rose who just rolled her eyes but smiled anyway.

Aura Lea! the bird may flee,
The willow's golden hair
Swing through winter fitfully,
On the stormy air.
Yet if thy blue eyes I see,
Gloom will soon depart;
For to me, sweet Aura Lea
Is sunshine through the heart.

By now, Emmett and Rose had come closer with their hands filled with shopping bags. Oh happy shopping mall! I was very glad to be away from Volterra.

When the mistletoe was green,
Midst the winter's snows,
Sunshine in thy face was seen,
Kissing lips of rose.
Aura Lea, Aura Lea,
Take my golden ring;
Love and light return with thee,
And swallows with the spring.

When he finished and put the guitar down he kissed me and everyone clapped just like the movies. Yes, I was glad to be home. Even if it was on account that Bella had hit her head again as Emmett had so reminded us. You can travel the whole world over again but as corny as it sounds, there is never any place like home.

(Note: Aura Lee was written in 1861 by George R. Poulton. It was a very popular American Civil War Song.)

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I feel as if I have been transported! Marvelous!!!