Friday, June 26, 2009

Been at Flying J for three years!

Location: Bedroom
Music: The Chieftains~ Further Down the Old Plank Road
Book: Blood Hound ( I need to finish this)
Mood: Sleepy

Nothing really special happened today. Okay I just lied. I got my a plaque for being at Flying J for three years! Its a really nice one to and came with a neat and expensive looking ink pen that has gold and silver outlining on it.

And because I've worked at Flying J I got to chose a gift in an online catalog or the one they sent with the plaque. I chose to do it online because you can usually get things faster that way. These gifts weren't cheaply made nor were they cheap either. Most of them cost well over a couple hundred bucks. So after looking through the website a few times and really thinking about what I wanted I chose a pair of Sony MDR-DS6000 Surround Sound Wireless Headphones ( I figured I use headphones every day and I would use these the most out of everything in the catalog. I cant wait to get them. They look really cool. Heh.

I find it hard to believe that as of July 26 I will have been at Flying J for three years. So much has happened since then.

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