Friday, June 26, 2009

Goldfish a Victorian and Edwardian pet?

A lot of people wonder what type of pets the Victorians and Edwardian had in their home. According to The Girl’s Empire, one of the many types of pets these historical figures and people had were believe it or not, gold fish. Gold fish seem to have been popular through out time even to this day and age.

You can buy a gold fish in most pet stores and at Walmart. Though I might advise against buying a gold fish at Walmart. They seem to be taken care of better in pet stores and will possibly live longer if you get one at a pet store.

I would suggest you buy a tank not a fish bowl as gold fish can grow very large and a tank provides the proper home for a fish to be a happy in.

Here are a few pointers from ( How to take care of a gold fish by Brian McDonalds on how to do

1. Buy a tank not a fish bowl for your gold fish. Tanks provide happier place for your new pet to live in.

2. Gold fish start off small but can grow up to a foot long depending on how well you take care of them.

3. It is very important to have a hood on your tank because gold fish have been known to jump out of an uncover hood. (my brother had this happen once and was a little upset to find his gold fish dead under his bed one day)

4. Light: Fluorescent lighting is a good choice rather than Incandescent variety. Keep the lighting on for at least ten hours a day.

5. Gravel floor: This is the best choice for your fish tank because it wont affect the ph of the water it also provides a good surface for bacteria to grow. Bacteria work to break down harmful elements produced inside a tank.

6. Water: You can use Tap water for your goldfish’s water. You can purchase a buffer at a local petstore to keep the ph between 7 to 7.6

7. To add and chance water it is best to let tap water run for a minute before putting into a container. Then let the water sit for an day this helps remove chlorine from the water . Make sure to use a filtration system to keep your water clean.

8. Filter: Goldfish produce a lot of waste and in order to keep your water clean you will need a filter.

9. Food: You should buy packaged Gold Fish food for your new pet and feed it tiny amounts several times a day.

10. Airstones? Most fish enjoy swimming through these and it’s a cheap way to make the tank look more interesting.

11. Decorations: Most fish enjoy these because they provide places for them to hide.

12. Plants: It’s easier to use fake plants in a tank rather than real ones.

13. You can place other fish in a tank with gold fish but it is recommended that you research these fish to make sure they get along with the gold fish.

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