Monday, June 1, 2009

Meeting Rebecca!

Yep so the first thing I did this morning was go to Barns and Nobles to see if they had anything related to Rebecca Rubin. The newest American Girl doll. And sure enough, Barns and Nobles did not disappoint me. For when I walked into the children's section there was a big display of Rebecca items, her books, mini dolls and even the original doll itself which is on display for little girls to win. And while I told myself I wasnt going to buy a book because I did preorder Meet Rebecca through Amazon, I decided I wanted one more book. I had the money to spare anyway. So I bought Rebecca and Ana

And then yeah after that I decided to buy the mini doll. She was just so cute, I had to have her.

And just because I could, I got a trading card pack. I wanted to see how different they where from what they where like when I was little. From what I can tell they havent changed much.

They're all so cute, I may just buy some more.


The Muse said...

Joanna, yes I can certainly understand your love of those vintage images, on my new blog,they just called to me, lol.~A bit like your wonderful batch of beauties! LOL

I am all smiles that this gave you a bit of sunshine this day!

Joanna said...

lol, I love love love vintage things. I love looking at them and collecting them. Its a very big hobby of mine. Someday, I shall have a house filled with antiques. :)