Monday, June 22, 2009

Myrtal Beach part one!

Location: Myrtal Beach South Carolina

Music: Plastiscines

Book: Blood Hound!~ Tamora Pierce

Mood: Tired

Date: June 18,2008

Time:8:47 am

Well here I am in South Carolina on vacation. Tired, Hot, sticky, slightly bitchy too. Other than that, I’m doing alright. To start, our trip took over fifteen hours to get here because we took back highways thinking it would save us some time, but it really didn’t. So tomorrow on the way back, we’re gonna take the main highway.
The first day here, I don’t remember what we did lol. I don’t think we did much. I did go swimming for the first time in the ocean yeah that was fun. :)

The second day, we went to Chick a flia whatever its called lol and on the way back there were three lanes of traffic. Well two lanes were trying to let this kid in and yeah he ran into me while trying to pull out. We were stopped so no one was hurt. Good thing I have full coverage. The car’s been in the shop for the past two days now and we got a rental car.

The next night we woke up and got flooded out because of the rain. There was four inches around us. So that wasn’t fun.

That day we went to Hard Rock Café and had loads of fun heh. Got a free pin and a tshirt.

Yesterday we went to Charleston but got lost so didn’t get to see anything. And we went to Georgetown which wasn’t anything special.
Today we’re getting my car back yay! And its raining so I am not sure what we are gonna do.

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