Monday, June 22, 2009

Myrtal Beach part two!

Music: Lines Vines and Trying Times
Book: Bloodhound
Mood: Chippper!

As you can see, I'm back from my vacation! To finish where I left off in my last entry, on the 18th we didnt do too much. Non of us had any money so there wasnt much we could do. We did go to a few survivor shops and I got a few more tshirts and some shorts. That was cool. And we went and got Pizza and pizza hut because by the time we got by car back and finished all our running around it was really late and we were hungry. Oh and we went swimming for once last time. And yep we all got burned really bad.

The next morning we got up at like 4:30 and Elizabeth got sick from her sunburn. She was shaking and looked so pale. Her little forehead was burning up and she ended up throwing up. :( But she was fine after that. We didnt leave until around 6:30 because we wanted to go for one last walk on the beach. I got loads of sea shells :)

It took us over 18 hours to get home because of the amount of time we spent when we stopped and the many stops we did take. But it was a nice drive. And we've got loads of pictures too.

After I got home I took a shower and went straight to bed it was almost one am in the morning! Blah. We all slept rather late and then we were still tired so we didnt do much on Saturday. Yesterday I spent most of the day doing homework. I hate Personal Financing and Psychology. What am I gonna use Psychology for in web design? I also spent most of the afternoon watching Merlin lol.

Its pretty good show and I think everyone should watch it.

So there is my update :)

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