Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformers The Revenge of the Fallen!

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Last night, I was one of the millions of people who went and saw Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen. And I have to admit, I loved it!

At first I wasnt too sure about it. I guess the critics gave it a horrible rating. But then I decided that on the way there I was going to expect it to be a bad movie that way, hopefully it would be a good movie and I wasnt disappointed. And I got what I wanted. There are tones of plot holes of course as with any action flick and its not got a really good plot line up anyway. But the action is worth seeing and I have to give some respect to Shia and Megan Fox. They have once again proven that they have some good potential as actors in the future.

I cant wait to see what other movies Shia is gonna be in and I am kinda hoping for a Third Transformers. Yep its the only movie i probably wouldn't mind seeing a million made of. Basically I highly recommend the movie if you are out for an awesome action movie. :)

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