Monday, June 1, 2009

Volterra: Not able to leave~ Edward NPC

Jacob Black. Even the sound of the name made the hair on my skin stand still. How much I hated that werewolf. He was the whole reason that Bella was in the hospital. If only I had been there, she never would have gone Cliff Diving, which was a stupid teenage sport to begin with and only Jacob would allow her to go with them. The whole reason I had not been there was because Aro wanted Alice, Carisle and I here in Volterra to deal with his problem. The Volturri’s problems were not really my problems at all and why I had to be dragged into it, bothered me to no end.

“Ed, I told you not to freak out. I knew I should have told Carisle first before I told you.” Alice said even though she was annoyed she still sounded chipper.

“If it was Jasper…” I began but was cut off.

“Jasper wouldn’t be in a hospital laying in a bed with Amnesia because he was cliff diving now would he?” Alice asked.

“No but if it was…”

“Plus, Jasper isnt human. Bella is. You cant leave her alone for more than five minutes without something happening to her Edward.”

“Alice, we have to go home now!” I stated feeling my temper rising. I should be there at Bella’s side. Not Jacob.

“You know we just cant leave Volterra.” Alice said seriously.

I closed my eyes and rubbed my forehead. “Yeah I know that. But we’ve gotta get back before Jacob causes something else to happen to Bella.”

“I don’t think it was all Jacob’s fault. After all, Bella is the one who jumped. It’s not like he pushed her.”

“How do you know Alice? You cant see what happened. “

“Only because Jacob was there.”

(OOC :) Bella asked me to RPG Edward every now and then to move the story along. )


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