Thursday, June 11, 2009

(Volterra)~Fox snatched the Rabbit: Twilight Alessandra

There was a quiet, gentle hum in the air as I crouched in the corner of an alley deep in the heart of Volttera. Humans passed by the alley not noticing me which was just as well. I was wearing my dark Voltturi cape, the one that practically hid everything about me and made me blend in with the darkness. I liked blending in with the darkness.

What I, a woman was doing the middle of the night in a dark alley you might ask? Well, that was easy I was hunting a bad vampire who was giving us a great deal of trouble. The vampire wasn’t part of the Romanian’s gang. Just a solitary one who didn’t belong anywhere.

Anyway, he had gone around telling people he was a vampire and we couldn’t have that. If every human on the planet earth began to believe in Vampires things could go very badly especially if we lost control of the city and the world. So, there I was waiting in a dark alley for Mr. Bad Ass to come out of his hiding spot which I was sure was some place in the alley.
Sure enough after several hours of patiently waiting, the bad vampire slipped out of his hiding spot like a snake slipping out of his whole. I was on him before he had a chance to say Knife.

“What The…!” He yelled in shock as I took him down to the ground.

“ Don’t breath a word.” I hissed pulling his arms behind him, of course he struggled, they always did. Jane came forth. “ I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” I said to my newest victim, grinning wickedly over at Jane.

“Even a dog struggles when it’s master beats it.” The vampire responded. I could tell he was a new born. Most vampires at least knew about Jane. I nodded in her direction and in seconds the vampire was on the ground screaming in pain.

“Struggling victims never get anywhere do they Alessandra?” Jane asked in her very young voice shocking the vampire on the ground.

“St… St… Stop please.” The vampire begged.

“Why?” Jane asked.

“Jane, that’s enough. I believe our victim wont give us any more trouble.” I said smiling wickedly at him. “Will you?” I asked, while Jane let him go and once again I had him in my hands.

“N… N… No.” The Vampire answered.

“Good, now what’s your name?” I asked trying to be civil while I dragged him down into the sewers.

“N..N.. Not important.”

Jane gave an annoyed sigh. “ My name is Petrus.” Petrus answered in a shaky voice much to Jane’s dismay. I swear that little kid loved to create pain more than Aro himself did.

“Shucks.” Jane muttered.

“Good Boy, Petrus, from now you will either follow me or I shall drag you, which will it be?” I let the man go and he stood up fully to his complete height but when he saw Jane he shuddered.

“I’ll follow.” He said following behind me and in front Jane like a good lost little puppy should. I was beaming when I brought the fellow to Aro. Once again, the fox snatched the rabbit.

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The Muse said...

my favorite lines:
"...the one that practically hid everything about me and made me blend in with the darkness. I liked blending in with the darkness."
Now, I need to find out why I like those lines...