Thursday, June 11, 2009

(The Widow's Gold) Lesson Number One: Do not open a locked door ( KOC: Ashling)

Golden sun rays seeped through the towering glass windows of Bois des Voleurs while Ashling crept along the corridors nearly gliding on the cold stone floors, least she be caught by the annoying French Woman who called herself a pirate. Ashling was bound and determined to talk to Peter. He was after all, her brother wasn’t he? Didn’t she have a right to talk to her big brother?

Ash made a left turn into a narrow hallway and tip toed down it up to a room where she gently rapped on the door. No one answered and when she tried to open it, she found the door to be lock.

“Lord Geoffrey’s Beard!” She cursed under her breath. Was she to be locked out of her own brother’s bedroom? He must have been sharing it with that French Woman last night. Well this problem could be easily mended. Was she a thief or not?

Ashling gently pulled a hair pin out of her long, flowing hair and let it fall about her shoulders, shaking out it slightly to get rid of the tangles than, she stuck the hair pin into the key hole. Hair pins were such useful items, easy to conceal and easy to use as pick locks. Within seconds, the once locked door creaked open and Ashling tip toed in.

The very minute she stepped into the door she found a sharp dagger at her throat, and the annoying French Woman at the end of it. “Don’t you know you should not be picking bedroom locks? You never know who you might meet inside them.” She said turning the blade down and letting Ashling go. “You stupid girl, I nearly ripped your throat out.” She said under her teeth. “Peter perhaps you should teach your sister some lessons in thievery.” She added in French so Ashling wouldn’t understand her.

“If you’re going to insult me, you could at least do it in a tongue I understand.”

“If I was going to insult you, believe me I would in English.” Cora snapped pushing Ashling towards the bed were her nearly naked brother lay on his back with an amused look on his smooth face.

“Ash, all Cora is saying is that you need some lessons if you are going to be a thief and she’s right. How many times has Master William caught you thieving?”

Ashling flushed slightly. “That’s what I thought, Peter said.

“A good thief doesn’t get caught.” Cora said sharpening her blades. “How do you think Peter and I have gotten as far as we have?”

“For a French Woman, your English is very good.” Ashling said non to friendly, glaring at Cora.

“Merci.” Cora answered grinning.

“So, what was so important that you had to see me about Little Dreamer?” Peter asked calling his younger sister by the pet name he had called her when they were younger.

Ashling sighed and shook her head. Her reasoning for wanting to see her brother did not seem important anymore. They had called her a bad thief and while they were right, Ashling could not accept such a thing to be said about her.

“Never mind. I think I would rather keep company with Will than I would you and the Lady Thief at your side.” Ashling snapped. She stormed out of the room and slammed the door shut behind her.

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