Thursday, July 9, 2009

Books, and to many of them! :)

Location: Bedroom
Music: Dont Wanna Be Torn~ Hannah Montana 3
Book: Meh I need to finish Blood Hound
Mood: Cheerful!

It looks as if my sister Elizabeth is moving back in. Which means, I need to move my junk out of her room lol. I dont have a whole lot of stuff in there. Okay, just my sewing machine, easel, trunk with antiques, antiques, craft stuff, oh and did I mention two shelves of books? lol, I have way to many books. I'm debating on whether or not I wanna put the books up on Ebay or just donate them. I'll probably end up giving them to the local Library or um, keeping them locked away in the basement. I have way to many books.

I should have probably moved all my stuff into her room but I was too lazy lol. Her room is bigger. Oh well, its too late now.

I still havent gotten them money to fix my car yet from Allstate. Which sucks. My car still looks smashed in on the passengers side wheel. I will never go through Allstate again. I like my insurance company far to much to go through Allstate. They're saying that $1400 of the damages we spent down south werent due to the accident. Well, I took it to my insurance company and they said, I should be reimbursed for the whole thing. Which I totally agree on. I'm gonna get them up on the car rental too. Heh.

It looks like I might, just might pass Psychology yay!

Oh and I decided that next month, I am gonna redo my resume and start sending them out. *sigh Oh joy the fund of job hunting. I hate looking for a job. But I am not going to college to have a degree sit there. I will have a job in it.

Well, back to finding a spot for all my stuff.

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