Wednesday, July 22, 2009

(Kingsmead Square: Hopswell House)~ The Meeting of John Hopswell~ Virginia Vices & Vitures

“Oh… Oh, no.” A voice came out of no where yet it was some where close by. Virginia, who had started to taken to standing in alleyways of late, stood up from throwing up, and looked up towards a window that was also not so far away. A man leaned out the window. Of course only an older gentleman would lean his out the window as she threw up her insides all over the alley below it. The gentleman couldn’t be a dashing one. Just a man old enough to be her grandfather. “Oh dear, this won’t do. You there, you best come inside right now. I shall not have a street urchin throwing up in my alley.”

“I am not a street urchin!” Virginia cried glaring up at the older gentleman, wondering why everyone thought she was a street urchin. She did not dress like a street urchin nor did she talk like one. She growled. Alright, perhaps it was her manor. Her grandmother never could make her into a lady.

Virginia walked around the side of the house and sighed when a butler opened the door for her.” He’s waiting for you Miss, in the drawing room.” The very tall gentleman said snickering as he led her into the house. “You know, most ladies don’t through up in an alley.”

“Well, I’m not a lady exactly sir. But I’m hardly a street urchin and I despise being called so.”

“Than if you despise being called so, you should not be hurling in the streets.” And at that, the young butler, lead Virginia into the drawing room where she encountered a rather plain, rather old gentleman but he was dressed in the clothes of some sort of solider. Virginia had no idea what station.

“My dear, child, what in heaven’s name where you doing down there?” The man proceeded to ask her. “You were making quit the ruckus and I must say that it was giving me a headache.”

“I am sorry to have given you a headache sir, but if you please. How could my throwing up in an alley below your window give you a headache?” Virginia dared asked as she stood up a little bit straighter.

The man or old solider nearly growled at her. “I have these damn headaches all the time. Just the slightest noise sets me off on one.”

“I see, than wouldn’t live in the country suite you better sir? A city is full of noises.”

“You’re very prudent for a young thing.”

“I grew up in a theater sir, of course I am prudent.” Virginia said feeling slightly queasy and holding her stomach.

“Might I ask what a young lady like yourself is doing drinking at such a fine hour during the night?”

“No you may not. But rest assured I have a reason.” Virginia stated, now it was her time to glare.

“You say you grew up in the theater?”

“Yes sir, I did. My mother is a very famous actress from London.”

“Perhaps I’ve heard of her. What is her name?”

“Maria Hahn.”

“No, I don’t recall ever hearing that name before…. Oh yes, I have heard the name.” The gentleman stared at Virginia for a moment as if he just remembered something he didn’t want to remember. “I dare say you do look a lot like her. What did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t say my name.”

“Virginia.” Virginia muttered wondering now what this gentleman had to do with her mother. The gentleman cleared his throat and sighed.

“Well than my dear, I believe that we are related.”

“Uh?” Virginia asked blinking. This was certainly unexpected. As far as she knew the only relatives she had where her father, her mother, and her grandmother. Then again, she supposed she must have other family as well.

“Yes well, you know that man your mother claims is your father and the man who claims to be your father?” Now this wasn’t sounding good.

“Y.. Yes.” Virginia said eying the older gentleman and taking a step backwards.

“Well my dear child, I am very afraid you grew up thinking that man was your father. He’s not. Maria only said he was your father because he’s her lover most of the time. He rightfully thinks of you as a daughter. But he is not your father.”

Virginia stared at the man trying to come up with a good enough reason why this man would say such a thing if it were not true. However, it is very possible that her mother was not only an actress but also a courtesan. She sighed. That would not surprise her in the least. It would explain why Maria Hahn was always around men.

“My mother slept with you one night and had me as a result and you are my father?” Virginia asked now sitting down in a chair without being asked.

“Yes my dear that is the story, in a light manner.” The solider cleared his throat and sighed. “And as it is, I cannot have my daughter running around in the street dressed like an urchin and acting on a stage with that man.”

“You’re not going to try and make a lady out of me are you? My grandmother already put me through that and I don’t want to do it again.”

“ No my dear, however I daresay you must have manners enough for polite society. May I suggest you gather your things and pay your rent due wherever you are living and come back and live with me?”

Virginia raised an eyebrow. “ I have a friend, a dear friend….”

The solider sighed. “Bring her as well. I shall not be called a tyrant like your grandmother. And I shall write her and let her know that I have you.”

Virginia paled. “Oh please sir don’t do that.”

“I must dear girl. Now off you go. MARY! Have Miss Virginia washed, changed and put to bed . No child, do not worry, I shall have your things and friend brought here. And I shall inform that theater you are no longer working for them. Where was it you said you were living?”

“Hopswell sir.”

“Very good. Very respectable place. Now, off you go.”
Virginia stood as a middle aged woman appeared in the door way dressed as a maid. She guessed this was Mary.

“You never told me your name sir.”

“John Hopswell.” Mr. Hopswell said with a slight bow and a smile on his face. Then he showed Virginia away before she could ask another question. “Off to bed with you now. Not another word until morning.”

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