Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Treasures and crafts and books

Music: Jersey Bounce~ Benny Goodman
Book: The Cry of the Loon a Samantha Mystery
Mood: Bouncy

As you can see, I havent posted in a while. I guess there just isnt anything worth while to write about that goes along with my life lol.
Anyway, I've suddenly become obsessed with the 1940s. Dont asked me why, I was never interested in that time period until recently. However, I am finding that its a fantasying one never the less. And yep, I found a few things from that time period on ebay and that antique stores in the area.

These comics arent exactly from the 1940s. However, in my Molly Craft Book from American Girl it states that Molly would have read Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck Comics. So I thought these would be fun to read some time.

I finally watched Since you went away last week and enjoyed it so much that I found the book that the movie was based on, off Ebay. I cant wait to read it. :)

As you probably know by now, I love craft and cook books. I found these treasures at two different antique stores in the area I live in. :) I was so excited. Both are from the 40s and are in excellent shape.

And because my other one was starting to get ruined, I remade my cell phone charm today. Just for something to do.

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