Saturday, July 18, 2009

Petrus the Annoying One~ Twilight~ Alessandra

For a reason, I could not understand, Aro, decided to keep Petrus around. He had an amazing ability and Aro wanted to strengthen it. Though, neither Petrus nor Aro would tell me what ability was. Much to my annoyance. What was a greater annoyance was that Aro had decided that I was going to be in charge of Petrus. He was the perfect mate for me, Aro stated. The same age as I was, even if he was younger by a good two hundred years. I of course, did not argue, no one augured with Aro once he made his made up about something. However, the past few weeks had been somewhat, how do we say, tiresome.

“Are you going to tell me your name? Aro never did. And it seems as if we’re going to be partners in a way. So I should know it.” Petrus asked me for about the millionth time since we had been thrown together. I growled. “Well you could be friendly at least.” He muttered after I growled at him.

Friendly? Hah, I wasn’t used to being friendly with anyone but the Volturi Guard. The original Guard. The Guard I knew. This boy, man, baby vampire was not a member of the guard. Petrus rolled his eyes. “We have eternity together, you know. And you did rescue me in a way, so you should tell me your name.” He continued.

I rolled my eyes, he wasn’t going to stop with this. I might as well give in and tell him my name. “Alessandra.” I said finally never taking my eyes from the street below. You never knew when you were going to find something interesting in the streets.
“Well Alessandra, will you tell me what we’re doing up here?” Petrus asked. “We’ve been up on this rooftop for hours.”

“If you’re bored go home.” I stated and jumped over to the next roof top to get away from him. He followed. Damn him.

“Alessandra’s a pretty name.” He said.

“Petrus is an annoying name as is the person who holds the name.” I snapped growing annoyed that I could get rid of the man. He laughed.

“That’s what everyone says.” He said. “ I am glad I live up to it.”

“Oh trust me, you live up to it.” I answered.

“Will you tell me what we’re doing up here please?”

“Fine, we’re on the watch tonight. In meaning, we’re looking for newborns who are being bad.” This made him clear his throat.

“How is it that NewBorns can be bad if they do not know how to act as a Vampire?” He asked. “It’s not their fault no one told them how to act, if there is no one there to tell them.”

“No, it is not their fault, however, we cannot have them exposing us. “

“I see.”

“Do you?” I asked. It was going to be a long night.

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