Tuesday, July 28, 2009

stupid things said; fifites theme today at work!

Location: Bedroom
Music: PureNRG The Real Thing
Book: Bloodhound
Mood: Sleepy
So yeah, I guess nothing much is going on. I finally got nearly the rest of my stuff I ordered on Ebay. I'm just waiting on one more item and resisting the desire to buy more vintage books lol. I love vintage things.

Today I got to dress up in a fifties style for our car show tonight at work. I donned a pair of jeans and rolled them up so the socks showed. Put my hair up in rag curls, last night and was surprised to see they turned out. So I put my hair up in a high pony tail with a pink ribbon. Then I wore a white polar shirt with a tank top under neath. It was fun. I'd love to dress that classy every day. I even got pretty decent tips today too. I wonder if my efforts for dressing up where the cause lol.

And I said something stupid today to my boss. I hope she knows I didnt mean it any bad way. I think she does. But still. It kinda came out wrong. And no I wont repeat what it was. But oh well. Shit happens.

Anyway, I guess thats all from my end. Oh yeah I managed to find a bunch of neat books at the library. Yay. I cant wait to start them. Well turns out I gotta go to bed in like an hour and a half so I better get going and finish the rest of the stuff I wanna do.

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