Friday, July 17, 2009

Talking to Edward about Bella~ Twilight~ Alice

I quietly glided across the wodden floor of my home and danced into my brother’s bedroom. I had a very hard time trying to hide what I was about to tell my brother. After all, it wasn’t always easy having a brother who could read minds. Then again, I was sure it wasn’t easy having a sister who could read the future.

“Edward?” I asked quietly in my mind. Reaching out to him from across the hallway.

“Go away.” He said in the sad tone he had been using for the past several days now. I sighed.

“Edward, I am going to come in even if you don’t want me too.” I said. I heard him sigh and then watched as his bedroom door opened, and the sad music he was playing grew slightly louder.”
“What is it Alice?” He asked purely annoyed and yet in a bored and uncaring tone at the same time.

“I have something to tell you Edward that might change how you see things about well, about Bella.”

“ Alice, just spit it out. What did you see?” Edward asked now curiously. I knew he could tell that it was something I didn’t particularly wanna tell him.

“Bella’s life is going to be a miserable exists without you. Your life is not going to be much better. I think you know that. She’s never going to remember you or us, unless you do something. I’m not sure what, I cant see very much about this because of the Wolves. But, Edward, you have to do something to get Bella to remember you.” I said seriously. “She’s going to go eventually insane, I think. She doesn’t remember anything about us, and therefore doesn’t remember….”

“Alice, don’t you think I know this?” Edward snapped.

“Yes well, maybe instead of moping around like a five year old, you should do something about it like an adult might do?” I suggested. Edward could be so annoying at times. Oh don’t get me wrong, I loved him dearly, but there were times he really bugged me. And this was one of them.

My little comment seemed to have knocked some sense into him. He stared at me with unblinking eyes for a few minutes and then glared, not at me but at something else. I guess he was trying to glare at maybe Jacob. An invisible one of course.

“ I’ll think of something.” He said matter- of factly.

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