Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Alice~ The Search Begins~ Twilight Enterinity

Yes! I thought happily chewing on the end of my finger. Edward was finally going to stop moping around and fight for Bella. It was about time, the miserable ape! Oh I knew he knew exactly what I was thinking. Let it be known that I Alice Cullen think that you Edward Cullen is a miserable ape. Edward glared at me and I couldn’t help but give him my famous smirk! Well he deserved it after all.

“Have you had any more visions regarding this supposed kidnapping—and more importantly how to prevent it?” Ed asked me and I concentrated long and hard on Bella.

The truth was, I had not had any more visions. I had tried, but nothing had come. Bella had slipped out of my reach for just a little while. However, it did not take long for the visions to come back once I concentrated on her. What I saw surprised me.
I had thought that Bella was going to be kidnapped by a human, as I had seen a human luring her away. However, that’s not what I saw, and what I did see, made both my brother and I gasp in surprise. It was a vampire who kidnapped Bella. Somehow the vampire must have gotten the human to lure Bella to it’s hideout. I frowned and Ed stared.

“You know what this means?” He asked. I nodded my head.

“It means someone knows we’re here and its someone who doesn’t like us.” I said not at all surprised. There had been a great deal of vampires in the very small area of Forks lately. This had started to make me uncomfortable. I knew I wasn’t the only one who was uncomfortable. In fact, I was surprised that Aro our dear Volturi friend had not intervened in this matter yet.

“What else do you see Alice?” Edward asked me, I let the vision come back and we both saw the vampire running through the woods with Bella. They ran deep into the woods that surrounded the town of Forks and stopped off at a shack. I studied the surroundings of the shack as much as possible so I could remember it. I looked at Edward.

“We’ll have to scope out the area. But we can do it.” I said, while he nodded his head.

“I’ll bring up a map of Forks on my laptop and print up.” He said now we were going to be doing something finally. I only hoped Bella would remember us by the time we go there and that we would be there in time to prevent something from happening to her.

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