Friday, August 21, 2009

An Argument between brother and sister~ Virginia: Vices and Vitures

“Of all the cork-brained things for you to do John Hopswell! To take in a by- blow without even consulting me on the matter first?” came a woman’s angry, rather loud, shrill voice and the thud of a chair, with the sound of broken glass. Virginia cringed and stepped away from the doorway she was about to enter. She crept to the side of it, so no one would see her. This sounded like an argument she didn’t want to get in the middle of. Or maybe, it was one she already was part of without knowing it.

“Since when, have I ever consulted you in anything I do, Susan?” came John’s soft, but firm voice.

“Well, maybe you should start consulting me before you take in the child of a whore!”


“Oh do not look so shocked John. It’s what she is.”

“She is my daughter, and I will not have you calling Maia a whore, even if she is a courtesan.”

“Just tell me one thing, John Hopswell, why exactly have you taken that street child.”

“She’s not a street child, Susan, you’ve been listening to too much gossip again. She’s an actress from the Theater Royal here in Bath and if I hear…”

“An Actress?! Oh she’ll turn out to be just like her mother. A runaway…”


Virginia frowned, a runaway what? A runaway whore? Well that was just fine with her. After all, at least a whore could live her life the way she wanted it and didn’t have to follow the dos and donts of society. After all, wasn’t that why her mother ran away in the first place?

“And you never did answer my question, John.” came Susan’s now, very shrill voice. If anyone was acting like a lady, please raise your hand, Virginia thought mildly amused that a woman of such high society would act in such a manner. Her own mother would never speak to a gentleman in such a tone. Virginia heard John give an annoyed sigh.

“Susan what do you think I am going to do with the child? Why do you think I brought her in to live with me?”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me.”

“You’re going to make that child your heir?”

“Bravo! Well done! You figured out why I wanted to bring Maia’s daughter into my life!” John exclaimed with as much enthusiasm as he would a child who was just learning how to walk.


“My dear little sister, I wouldn’t give a damn if you fell off a bridge and drowned. “ John said now, clearly not amused anymore.

“Well I never…”

“Yes, I bet you never.”

“UMPH!” Virginia heard a small muffled cry and the russel of silks and satin. It didn’t take long for a rather round and plump looking woman dressed in the latest fashion from France to appear outside of the door way where Virginia herself stood. She briskly began to walk down the hallway when Virginia finally let out a small giggle. The woman turned around and looked Virginia up and down. She put her hand to her mouth and swung around without uttering a word. Virginia giggled again. Suddenly, John stood next to her.

“I hope we gave you a fine show, Virginia.” John Hopswell said with a twinkle in his eye as he watched his little sister walk briskly down the hallway.

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