Monday, August 24, 2009

Embroidery and decisions~ Virginia; Vices and Vitures

Wearing a simple morning dress, she had received from her grandmother, Virginia sat in the drawing room, with her back up against a chair working on a sampler. She punched the needle through the fabric and pulled the yard through the fabric, then punched the needle back through the fabric and repeated. Soon she had an elegant piece of work, of which she was growing increasingly tired of. Virginia hated embroidery. She had her share of it working, in the theater, as when, she was not big enough to be on stage, she was put to work in the costume room. The Costume mistress, decided that this was the best way to keep a little girl out from under foot and out of her mother’s hair.

“Why do I have to do this? I already know how to embroidery.” Virginia finally said bored to death and glared at the man who called himself her father.

“Working on a sampler is a very lady like thing to do, that is why.”

“I’m not a lady, nor do I wish to work on lady like things all day.” Virginia stated throwing down the embroidery hoop.

“You may not be a lady yet. However, I dare say that one day, you will be. You’re dear mother is a lady in all ways. Despite her occupation.”

“You promised me you wouldn’t try and turn me into a lady.”

“Well, I lied. It happens.” Virginia glared at John Hopswell. “ My dear, do you have any idea how rich I am?” John asked now leaning forward in his chair. Of course she didn’t know how rich he was, nor did she care. “ I have a good deal of pounds every year, even more that I will probably never see. As a result, I need an heir. You my dear, are the only child I have…”

“Absolutely not! I will not be…” Virginia said standing up.

“Virginia, listen to me, you will have everything you ever wanted. You’ll be taken care of, well fed, well clothed. You would not have to marry or work, though a marriage would be a good idea. Just think for a minute for you dash out the door.”

She wouldn’t have to work in a theater, she wouldn’t have to put up with low class men and their advances on her person. She’d be safe, warm, and fed. Well clothed. She frowned, but was that really what she wanted? For a split second, Virginia looked out the window at the street in front of it. The alley was were she was throwing up two weeks ago… No she didn’t want to live the life of a street rat, all the time. But she didn’t know if she wanted the life of a lady. Yet at the same time, life was what you made it. She could still be herself, even if she was a lady. And she had Emilia to think of. Emilia had a better chance in this too because Virginia would not want any other Lady Maid. She sat back down and glared at her father.

“I don’t want to be a proper lady. I don’t want to be all snobbish and nosy.” Virginia said quietly.

“Not all ladies are snobbish and nosy, Virginia.”

“Everyone I ever meant was.”

“Your mother was at one time a very grand lady.” Virginia glared at John and sighed. She missed her mother very much and felt little tears come into her eyes.

“ I miss her.” She whispered, and then dashed away the tears. If she was a heiress, than she could take care of her mother. She sighed inwardly and finally decided that she would do this. Only because it would be better for her in the end.

“All right, I’ll stay. But I want Emilia to be my Lady’s Maid. I don’t trust anyone but her. And I am not going to end up being like your sister Susan.” Virginia stated.

John let out a booming laugh and put his book down. “My dear child, if you ended up like Susan, I’d chuck you in the river.”

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