Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh Boy! Alaska here I come!

Music: Tinker Bell original soundtrack
Book: Northanger Abbey
Mood: Excited!

Oh boy! It looks like I'm really going to Alaska in three weeks! Yep three weeks! I cant hardly believe this is happening. But it is. I'm a little scared and really excited. I guess a million things could go wrong. but some things could go right. I'm more scared about leaving my sister and brother, mom and grandma behind than anything else right now. And I can still back out of it if I want and find a place to live. but I have a feeling that if i dont do this, I'll never do anything like this at all. This is gonna be a major move for me. So it is kind a scary. And I have to see about quitting school for a month bah. Not really something I wanna do. I should also try and stop drinking pop. Cut way down on it. And then stop drinking it completely. Its gonna take nine days to get there. And I can only take 1000 pounds of stuff with me. *cries* I need to get rid of tones of stuff. Oh well.

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