Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Orders to Forks : Twilight~ Alessandra

Petrus, my quiet little mouse was following close behind me as I glided across the floor swiftly. Making my way up to the tower were Aro was waiting for me. Well, he was waiting for Petrus and I, but I knew it was I whom he really wanted. He just happened to get Petrus as well. The annoying little mouse that I had to keep track of.

“Why would Aro want to talk to me?” Petrus asked me for the millionth time.

“Because you are with me unfortunately.” I said through my teeth. I was growing very tired of dealing with this pest and I sorely wished Aro would take him off my hands. I half hoped that was what he was calling me for. Though I doubted it very much. We entered into Aro’s tower. Of course Marcus and Caius were near by. Jane and Alec were no where to be found.

“Alessandra, my dear.” Aro greeted me giving me a hug. He grinned the minute he touched me, instantly knowing everything I was thinking. Damn him. “ No my dear, I believe our new friend may be of some use to us yet.” He said to me. I growled.

“Really Alessandra, learn some manners.” Caius chided me. I sent him a deathly glare and he laughed in his silver high pitch laugh. Petrus was shaking in his boots. Poor fellow, The Volturi still frightened him. I suspected that I still frightened him, as I should. After all I was the one who caught him. “ You should know by now that I am not afraid of your glares.” He said. Of course I knew this, however, it didn’t stop me from glaring at him.

“No then down to business.” Marcus said sitting down in his chair. That was Marcus. All business.

“Ah yes, business.” Aro said clasping his hands together as he motioned for me to follow him to his chair. Petrus silently walked behind me. “You’re wondering why I called you up here, as you should.”

“The reason why we decided to suddenly call you from your babysitting job…” Caius began with a nod in Petrus’ direction, “Is because we have a slight problem, we need you to help us out with.”

Finally, now we were getting some where. After all, I had been trained as Aro’s little spy. “ Forks Washington is growing heavily populated with vampires who are pretending to be human.” Caius continued.

“Really? I thought only the Cullens pretended to be human.” I said. This was not good. If too many vampires pretended to be humans, eventually the humans would find out about the vampires. We couldn’t let that happened. I knew where this was going before it finished. “You want me to go to Forks and see what is going on?” I asked.

It was Marcus who nodded his head.” We need a little spy in Forks for a time. We don’t think that the Cullens are really a threat to us. However, they could be forming their own coven, we cant have that.”

“So what we need you to do is live among the humans for a little while and see who is human and who is vampire. Report to us the activities.” Aro ended. There was a slight gleam in his eye. I groaned. He was going to make me take Petrus. It was bad enough that I had to pretend to live with the humans, and now this?

“Aro, please….” I started but he raised his hand and I knew that was the end of it. I turned to glare at Petrus.

“We’re going to Forks Washington.” I said to him.

“You’re going to fly to Forks Washington as humans. Here’s your passports. They’re fake of course but that’s beside the point.” Aro said handing me two passports. “Now off you go.”

I groaned inwardly. Why was I the one who had to go to America? I hated America. Italy was my home. I hated to go outside of it. And of all the people I had to take with me, it would be Petrus. Why couldn’t I take Caius or Jane?

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