Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Possible Kidnapping~ Twilight - Eternity : Alice Cullen

One tiny little crystal bling sticker after another one right into a tiny row on my laptop around the keyboard. Soon I had a nice little row of pink and silver crystals on my laptop. Next, I decorated the mouse on the laptop. Then I decorated the trim on the outside of the screen. I stuck a cute pink sticker on the back that covered the whole laptop, then I called it good. The whole laptop was suddenly, Alice Cullenized! And I was perfectly pleased with myself over it too. I put a cute little rose sticker near the mouse on the laptop and of course a Tinkerbell one too. I was so engrossed in my project that I did not sense Jasper standing behind me watching me with a bemused look on his calm features.

“Alice, what are you doing?” I jumped. I jumped? Yes I did jump. Shame on me. Why should a vampire jump when someone was behind them? I turned around in my chair and gave Jazz one of my big smiles.

“ Decorating my laptop. It has to be me. Like everything else I have is me. Even you.”

“Oh I resemble you do I?” He asked.

“Yep. You just don’t know it.”

“How do I resemble you?”

“We are married, isnt that enough?”

“Whatever.” He responded laughing.

“Alice what…?” Came Edward’s moody voice from around the corner. Everything else he said went through my ears in an echo.

The room suddenly changed scenes on me and I saw a woman, I had never seen before outside with the Forks school counselor, Rhiannon Elisha. Rhiannon seemed to not the notice the woman until the woman blocked her view. Then as Rhiannon tried to run inside the woman cut her off.

“You will help me find Bella Swan. You will bring her to me, and you will not anyone you have seen me. Are we clear?”

“Very well…”

“Alice?” Edward asked breaking my vision. I blinked and sat back, staring at Edward and then staring at Jasper. “Alice what is it?” Ed asked me.

“Bella. Someone’s going to kidnapped Bella.” I said, suddenly my laptop project was forgotten as was everything else. I was not going to let Bella be kidnapped. The only problem was, Bella didn’t know who I was. So how was I supposed to rescue her? I glared at Edward.

“You know, Ed, for a Vampire you are ridiculously stupid. This would probably never have happened if you would just tell Bell’s who we are and what we are.” I said shutting my laptop and storming off. Now I had to find a way to fix this problem. Before I reached the door, I turned back around. "And by the way, Carlisle is trying to help Bella remember us. Which is more than you have done." I added then continued to leave the room to figure out how to prevent Bella being kidnapped.

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