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A Regency Meal time Schedule

Schedule of Meals

Taken from:

The Jane Austen HandBook: A Sensible yet elegant Guide to her world (page 66)

By: Margaret C. Sullivan

Breakfast: Around 10 am. A light meal of toast and bread served with tea, coffee, or perhaps chocolate ( a bitter brew more like liquefied dark chocolate than the creamy, sweet beverage to which modern palates are accustomed.) Grand Houses might provide cake and rolls and even cold meat left over from the previous day’s dinner. Older gentlemen might expect the heartier breakfast of their youth: A fried chop and a mug of ale.

Luncheon/ Nuncheon: Midday. Not a formal meal; if one is peckish in the middle of the day, a snack of cold meat and bread and butter might be wheedled from the cook. One also might expect to be served tea and cake or perhaps even fruit, cold meat, or sandwiches, while paying a morning call.

Dinner: 3 to 5pm. In the country; 6 to 7pm or later if following “town hours” In very fashionable households.

Tea: An hour after dinner. This is not the formal meal it became in the Victorian times. One might be invited to a house not to dine but only to “drink tea”, which means arriving after dinner for tea, coffee and perhaps cake.

Supper: 9 to 10 pm. If dinner is early; if dinner is fashionably late, it might be dispensed with entirely. Supper can be a hot sit- down meal or a light snack of English muffins, toast and butter, tea and coffee and perhaps a bit of wine mixed with water as a digestive and sleep aid. Valetudinarians such as Mr. Woodhouse will accept nothing more than a bowl of nice thin gruel.

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