Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sea Sick Voyage: Alice Post Chosen

Alice stood silently staring over the deck of a huge boat, okay ship looking into the deep, blue, very green sea. There was a blue sky over head and dolphins where jumping not to far off in the ocean from where the ship was. Yes, this was going to be an excellent cruise.

Okay, so far, the trip wasn’t exactly what she had been planning. Alice was soo sick, it wasn’t even funny. She could barely walk from her cabin to the deck without throwing up that yucky green stuff all over the deck. Let’s just say that the stewards didn’t really like her at all. Not that she blamed them. They said that it would pass. It had been two days. Two days on a cruise and nothing passed. She sighed and whipped her mouth. Yuck.

“Jasper…” Came a soft whine from her dry mouth. Alice turned around to find that he was smirking at her.

“Well I told you we should fly. But noooo, you wanted to go on the cruise. So don’t, Jasper me.” He said handing her a bottle of water. Yep, she really needed more water. The pure thought of water made her uneasy. Jasper must have seen her face go pale because he backed away.

“Try drinking this instead.” He said handing her a bottle of sprite and sprinting off. Lucky him. She thought wishing the cruise would end and she could put my feet on firm ground. Leaving America, was a very bad idea. In fact, if she was going to be going to Scotland, why didn’t she just stay there?

“Yes I know you told me that we should fly. But I thought a cruise would be fun and…” Alice sighed. Tummy rumbling, she decided to head back to the cabin. This trip was pretty much over for her. Let Jazz have all the fun. She was going back to bed.

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