Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well nothing much but alot of nothings

Location: Bedroom
Music: The Chieftains
Book: Northanger Abbey
Mood: Cheerful!

While, there has been nothing interesting to post lately, I decided to update anyway. This last weekand I was soo busy. I went to Grand Rapids on Saturday to visit with my Grandparents and my mom and sisters. I had fun and my Grandma gave me a recipe for Apple Pie which is awesome. My sister took me to the big River Town Mall and I bought a pair of PJs at Khols which was half price. I didnt get a lot of time to look around though.

And then on Sunday, my dad's side of the family threw my cousin Myra a Wedding Shower. That was tones of fun. It was just like a family get together and our family get together are always a blast. She's getting married over Labor Day Weekand and I still have to find a decent outfit for it. *sighs* Thats gonna probably cost a lot of money.

Anyway, Last night I actually had to work a second shift can you believe it? I havent worked a second shift in forever. Probably like a year. It was great to see all my old costumers that still go into Flying J. I got lots of hugs and a great many good tips. lol. And it was packed. we had a car show that my boss said we had something 150 cars out in the parking lot! Wish I could have seen that.

Tomorrow night we're having another car show. Because I only work three days this week my other boss asked if i would work from 8am to 6:30pm just in case it gets busy and I said sure! Why not I mean I dont work Friday and Saturday. The only thing I am doing Friday is seeing Mandie and the Secret Tunnel. So I can work a ten hour shift. I just hope I'll be okay. I wasnt feeling very well when I got out of work today.

I had a headache and was really hot, and my heart wouldnt stop racing. But I feel find now. So who knows. Probably just stress.

So yep, there is the Joanna's up date.

PS. I swear I am gonna finish Northanger Abbey this week. lol.

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