Monday, September 7, 2009

Arriving in Forks~ Alessandra: Twilight Eternity

Tiny drops of rain gently poured out of dismal gray clouds high up in the sky as the wind blew in from the west, causing a slight ruckus of rattling leaves on the over grown moss covered trees that the area of Forks was famous for. The state of Washington was also one of the grayest places in the world. The sun rarely shown here and it nearly always rained. The city of Seattle had one of the highest rates of suicide in the world. I could see why so many of my kind lived in the tiny area. Always living in darkness did get old after away. Never being able to go out into daylight. For the first time in two thousand years I realized how much I missed be able to go out in daylight. Even if that daylight was gray as the clouds above. It was almost as if mother nature was just as upset that we were forced to relocate to Forks as I was.

Petrus pulled our new 2010 silver camaro up to a quant, rather large, Victorian looking farm house that had two stories and looked like it had not been inhabited for some time. I wondered how much Aro paid for the place. It didn’t look like a lot. I sighed. The last house I had lived in that I had called my own was my father’s villa back in 35 BC. And that had been burnt to the grown by one of my father’s many enemies. The stupid idiot he had been, throughout the years, I had begun to blame my father for all the problems he had placed on my once happy, content family.

“This looks like it’s it.” Petrus said opening the passenger door for me and helping me out of the car. Not that there was any need. I had never been treated with so much respect before. I had always done things myself and I stared at him for a moment. He shrugged. “A gentleman always opens the door for a lady.” He said as if this statement had been burned into his brain. I gave him a small smile and stepped out of the car. Allowing my feet to touch the soil of Forks for the first time. Well, this was it; I was officially living on American Soil. “Well don’t look like you’re walking to your death bed. America isn’t all that bad.” Petrus said while pulling our luggage out of the car.

“You’ve been here before?” I asked helping him with the luggage. Not that he needed it. We needed to pretend to at least act human.

“Lots of times. My buddies and I used to vacation here.”

“It must have been hard becoming a vampire with friends and family still alive that you can never see again. Do you miss them?” I surprised myself by asking. He shrugged.

“Don’t really think about it. Didn’t you go through the same thing?”
I stared hard at him, turned around and started to walk up towards the house. “ My family…”I started and then sighed. I had never spoken of my family, or how I became the person I was now. I had never told Aro what had happened. He had never asked. I turned to face Petrus. “ This is going to be easier for you. You were recently human.” I said changing the subject and he shrugged.

“When was the last time you were human?” He asked me.

“Two thousand years ago.” I said softly opening the door. I wondered how long we were going to be here.

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