Monday, September 28, 2009

Blood, smoke and fire~ Alessandra: Twilight Post

35 BC: Ancient Rome, Italy

A bright yellow sun, shown its hot, golden rays down on the earth in a clear, blue sky without a cloud to pierce its beautiful color as birds chirped in the pine trees nearby. Slaves wearing a pathetic color of brown, scratchy clothing bent over plucking dark, purple grapes from the vineyards behind my father’s large villa. While, my brother Vestus and I ran down a sodden path to the edge of the vineyards and into the dark, damp woods of my father’s lands.

We collapsed in a heap of giggles inside a cave deep in the woods and far from the villa. The cave had been our secret hiding place since we had been old enough to wander into the woods unattended. My brother sat up and picked up one of his toys he had kept in the cave. He was far too old for toys and had officially become a man a few years ago. We were both far too old to be playing these childish games of ours. But we played them anyways.

“Once a long time ago, before Rome took over the world, there was a beautiful goddess named Vestia who kept watched over a large fire that kept the gods warm throughout the night…” My handsome brother said softly, staring into a cold fire place. “One day, Vestia met a man, named Vestus, and fell in love with him…”

“ She let the fire die out and the gods became angry with her, so they banished Vestia to earth and killed her lover. Vestia vowed to have revenge on them…”

A piercing scream, suddenly interrupted our beautiful story that my brother and I had told each other since childhood, and we both shot up in our seats. “That’s mother’s scream.” My brother cried grabbing my hand and running back towards the house.

As we came closer to the villa the sounds of screams became clearer and we saw a thick, dark cloud of smoke rising up from where the villa stood. Suddenly, the sky became dark, and fire rained down on top of my father’s vineyard.

“No…” I whispered realizing what was happening. We were being attacked! “Vestus!” I cried; my brother nodded his head as we reached the burning villa.

“Stay near me.” He whispered pulling out a knife he kept hidden in his tunic. We watched silently as man, a Roman finished killing my mother. I chocked back a sob of tears. The man whipped the blood off his hands, and began to walk towards the door, were my brother and I stood. Before he reached the door, my brother lunged himself into the man. But the Roman was faster and struck Vestus dead before he had a chance.

I screamed and reached for my brother’s knife that was on the floor, but once again the Roman was faster and was suddenly on top of me. I twisted under his heavy weight and tried to kick him off of me. The knife was not very far away, if only I could reach it, but I could not….

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