Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Edwardian Tips on getting rid of Green Flies

Tips to get rid of a Green Fly

From Park's Floral Magazine: June 1907

The Green Fly often troubles roses, Cinerarias and other house plants. Tobacco dust or chopped tobacco stems placed around the plants is a preventive. Do not wait till the pest appears to apply the tobacco around the plants, as it is a good fertilizer as well as a good insecticide. But avoid placing it over the foliage unless the plants are infested. With cinerarias tobacco dust should be applied to the underside of the foliage when troubled, as it is there that the flied congregate. Tobacco smoke will destroy green fly, but injurious to Cinerarias, and a few other plants. Tobacco tea with soap suds is also a remedy. Apply it with a syringe.

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