Monday, September 28, 2009

Joanna's fun filled weekand

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Book: Black Heart of Jamaica (Cat Royal Adventure~ Julia Golding
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Yes while I had five days off it seems that I am posting on my last day off. Funny how that works. You take a small vacation with almost no plans at all yet end up being very busy anyways.

Friday as you all know was my birthday. I didnt do much Friday as everyone but my dad and I had to work. I did drag my sister to see the new version of Fame. I have to admit that the more I think about it, the more I really did like it. I loved the music and the dance sequences. I'd probably go see it again. Though it did feel as if I was watching the original all over again just in a new cooler version. There didn't seem to be much of a story line or a plot line. In fact as far as that went, the movie sucked and it was very long. But Naturi Naughton was awesome, she has real potential to be something I think.

Saturday, was a big day for me. My siblings were all here and we went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. We had a blast. We saw some pretty cool performances and skits. There were Scottish Bagpipers playing when we walked in through the gates and Radio Disney was there for the kids which I thought was cool. We got to see the Zucchini Brothers again! I love those guys lol. They're so funny. There was also another Scottish Bag Pipe group called Tartanic that we saw. Now those guys were awesome. I got a signed cd too.

And we saw a live Jousting which was a bit long but fun to see. Jousting, in the Renaissance time period I am sure would have been a bit more violent. We did actually see some blood which shocked everyone. The knights were beating each other up and one of the guys accidentally hit the other one to hard in the mouth. We all felt sorry for him. He didnt even win so everyone tipped him. which was pretty cool.

So at the fair I spent a bit of money I shouldnt have. Considering how my cell is shut off and I dont have enough for my insurance due today. But I figured, Renaissance Fair only comes once a year and you cant get this stuff any place else. I bought the cd I spoke of, a cool cheap necklace and an clay Ocarina. My brother and sister bought wooden puppets I keep wishing I would have had money for one. But maybe next year.

Oh and I also finished Cat O Nine Tails yesterday. Once again Julia Golding outdid herself with Cat Royal. I love those books.¤t=SANY2575.flv

Ps. Here is a little treat for everyone. This is of a video of the Tartanic Group we saw at the Renaissance. Arent they awesome! Everyone should go buy their cds.

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