Saturday, September 5, 2009

John Hopswell Invintation~ Virginia: Vices and Vitures

Written as John Hopswell

In the house in Bath that John Hopswell resided in there was a room facing the east so that the sun would raise its golden rays towards the room’s rather large windows. In front of those windows sat a very large, dark brown, wonderfully carved writing desk. And near the desk was a glowing fire place. However, on this particular day, there was no fire in the stone fire place and the sun was not rising in the east. Instead it was high up in the sky as John sat at his desk writing the beginnings of an invitation. The invitation was of the utmost importance to John.

He had begun to realize why Maria’s mother may have insisted on practically kidnapping the child and taking her to Wakerfield Manor. It was of no surprise to him that the woman treated Virginia badly. Maria’s mother never was very good at raising children, let alone dealing with people. No, that had been left to Maria’s father, god rest his soul. The problem that John now faced was that this young girl was going to eventually become his heiress. And he could not have her acting like such a gypsy child who was raised up in the streets.

The other problem John faced was that by all means Virginia was considered his bastard child. Society would not accept her. This he could also not allow to happen. He needed someone who Virginia would allow to teach her the rules of society and to curb her outstanding statue. He sighed, however the fact that Virginia was his bastard would be the reason why no woman of high status would consider of teaching her these things let alone properly outfitting her.

There was only one person that John knew, who might, agree to help his poor daughter out. That was his dandy of a friend, Lord Edward Audley. And if Lord Audley did not agree to help him out, than John would simply pay the man. A dandy was always in need of money. In fact, John decided that he would offer to pay Lord Audley either way, to make the job irresistible.

The invitation was finally written and sealed with the Hopswell wax. John handed the letter to his butler who promptly had another servant deliver. Yes, within the next few days, John expected a visit from his dear friend.

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