Monday, September 28, 2009

Prospects of a wedding ( Alice~ Twilight Post)

Hello Brooklyn, Hey LA
Take the streets all night
Cause we sleep all day
When the world comes crashing down
Who’s ready to part?
Hello Brooklyn, Hey LA!
Coast to Coast
I’ll take you down in flames
Let the good times roll
We can let go…

I danced around the room singing the lyrics to Hello Brooklyn from all time low, at the top of my lungs, didn’t give a damn about who heard me or who didn’t hear me. My family by now, was used to my strange ways. The whole Indian chant, had made me want to have more fun. We had not had enough of it lately…
My world stopped, the music died and I watched as my brother, Edward, knelt down onto one knee and pulled out his mother’s wedding ring. The words “Will you marry me?” Slipped out of mouth and he held the ring up to none other than Bella Swan…

Jasper walked into the room, and the vision slipped out of view. But I clapped my hands in excitement!

Everyone knows there’s a party at the end of the world…

“He’s going to propose Jasper!” I said happily taking him in arms and doing a small twirl. He laughed.

“It’s about damn time.” Jaz muttered planting a gentle kiss on me. “Just think about what would have happened if we never married.”

“Oh that wouldn’t have happened. We’re too madly in love for that to have happened.” I said. “I’m going to be such a busy person! A wedding Jasper! That’s just what we need to brighten things up, and I’m going to design the dress and plan the wedding and everything!”

“What if Bella doesn’t want you do plan everything?”

“Oh that’s not even a question. She has no choice in the matter. Besides, no one but me can plan a wedding as awesome as the one I will plan for her. People will be talking about it for centuries. Alice Cullen planned the most excellent party for Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen.”

“And she used the newest, music, the best silk to be found and most expensive party flavors…” Jasper laughed.

“But before you start planning the wedding, you might want to wait for Ed to propose.” I pouted; I hated it when he was right.

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