Sunday, September 13, 2009

The same old same. Nothing new

Location: Bedroom
Music: It's a New Day!~
Book: None at the moment. Which is odd uh?
Mood: Tired
Once again, my writing here seems to have not been happening. I cant say why I go through these fazes were I write and then dont. I guess I just get too tired to write or too busy to write. Either that or maybe my life is soo boring I have nothing to write about. But even then I can always find something to write about. So once again, as you can see, I have no excuse as to why I havent been writing. I just havent been. I havent even found anything to update my blog on recently lol.

Anyway, I watched Vampire Diaries tonight. I have to say that despite how much I tried not to like it, I found that I did. There seems to be something about vampires that have caught America's attention of late. I guess people like things they know arent realy. Or maybe its they like things they think they want to be real, but will never know if they are or not. One of those things maybe?

I did a thousand dollars in sales today at work. I dont think I've ever done that much and I only made $134 in tips. People at Flying J dont seem to tip like they would at other places. But at least I made that much so I really am not complaining. I'd like to make that every day. Yeah that'd be awesome.

Well, I have laundry to grab.

PS. Just to add, Gossip Girl starts back up on Tuesday! Yay! I cant wait!

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