Monday, September 7, 2009

Scotty Dog Craft

Location: Bedroom
Music: Reasons to Sing~ The Crash
Book: Northanger Abby
Mood: Creative
For the past week I've been working on two things. The first being a tiny Scotty Dog Pillow I found instructions for in one of my old American Girl books. The second being a post for Alessandra for Pan. Well, I finally finished both and am please with the outcome lol.

Isnt he so cute? I worked really hard on him too. I even started a crafting journal. I'm slowly working my way to establishing an account on Esty where I can sell my products I make. But I got a long way to go for that I think. I need to work on my crafting and other projects I love to make.

oooh and I made an icon that turned out pretty well too. Here it is.

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