Saturday, September 5, 2009

A weeks worth of a post

Location: Bedroom
Music: Carolina Chocolate Drops
Book: Northanger Abbey

It looks like I may have gone an entire week without posting. Wow, I'm a bit surprised at that and I bet you're wondering why? Okay or maybe not lol. Anyway, Nothing much has been going on as usual.

We did go to Grand Rapids last week to try and catch Mandie. As it turns out, I got lost, and by the time we would have gotten to the theater the movie would have been half over with. My sister and I were extremely upset. It was to early to go back home so we decided to wander around Lansing and go to the mall and the Gift and Bible. While the Mandie Movie isnt out until the 22 of this month, for some reason The Gift and Bible store had the movie on dvd! I'm thinking that maybe they have special permission to sell it early or something. And so, I bought it. I couldnt help myself, I desperately wanted to see the movie. So yes, I bought it.

And I actually waited a whole day to watch it so my sister and I could watch it together. But she went to see a movie with my brother (one I didnt wanna see) So I watched it then and it was so good. I loved it! I cant wait for Mandie and the Cherokee Legend. I went ahead and ordered a poster and the soundtrack. lol. I'm such a dork.

And today was my cousin Myra's wedding. It was alright. I'm glad that Myra found someone and got married. :) Eric is an awesome guy and I hope he'll make her happy.

I guess that's pretty well the week.

Oooh except I never did finish Northanger Abbey. I've seem to have gotten very bad at reading my books. :( I need to read more.

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