Tuesday, October 6, 2009

(Ancient Rome: 35 BC) Caught in the act of escaping: Alessandra; Twilight

Just a little further, I thought reaching my fingers as far as I could, desperately trying to get a hold of my brother’s knife. But try as I could, I couldn’t concentrate on the knife; all I could concentrate was on the man’s body onto of me. I kicked at him again, this time he started to move in closer to me, and held my wrists to the floor. He was going to rape me. I wasn’t about to let that happen. I closed my eyes, and concentrated even harder on the knife, in seconds, it was in my hand and before the man could blink, I stabbed him, in the heart, until I knew he was dead and his limp body fell off of me.

Blinded by tears, I slowly moved into a sitting position to stare at my dead mother and brother, then at the knife in my hands, and then slowly towards the man I had just killed. That was the first time I had ever killed anyone, but he had killed my brother and mother and was going to more than likely kill me. I clutched the blood stained knife and stood to my feet. The room swayed slightly, but I had no time to be weak. For a minute, I wondered who these men were, that were attacking my father’s family and his home. What right did they have to do such a thing? I didn’t have time for such thoughts. I quietly knelt down to my mother’s body and gently lifted the necklace she always wore, off her neck. I touched her cold cheek and turned to my brother’s body.

“The goddess will have her revenge.” I whispered and kissed Vestus’ cold forehead. I could hear voices that I did not recognize outside of the door, and I wasn’t ready for the intruder’s friends to find him. I glared down at the dead man next to my brother. I stood up and stared at the door, quietly locking it with my mind, and then I slipped out the door.

Dashing in and out of the grape vines that wrapped themselves around my father’s vineyard, I crept towards the woods where I would be safe. These men who had attack my father’s home, would not think to look for me there. I was so intent on reaching the woods, before anyone could find me, that I did not notice that there were three men following close behind me.

Just before I reached the woods, I was captured, and though I tried to get away, I tried to fight back, the men were too strong for me, and eventually, the world went black around me…

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