Thursday, October 22, 2009

The annoying invention of the cell phone: Alessandra Twilight Post

Cool, and calmly I sat in a very quiet, still room inside my still very new home. The home, that I could actually call my own. My legs were crossed and I had no shoes or socks on. My clothes were what would have been considered top quality comfy clothing. Gentle, music flowed from my ipod, and I blocked everything out that I possibly could. Yes, Meditation was good, even for Vampires, especially old ones, like myself. We had so much anger to build up inside, the years of being alive, could take a major toll on a person. I mean, look at the Romanians clan who thought they could one day over take the Volturi. I had to laugh at that thought. No one was ever going to bring down the Volturi we had ruled for hundreds of years and we were very powerful. The Volturi stood for law and order and that was why I was in Forks. I had to remind myself this.

I was in Forks to bring law and ordered to a bunch of teenage vampires who wanted to continue to live in their sad little teenage lives that they had left behind. If the Cullens ever presented us with a problem, this was it, if they had anything to do with the band of teenagers living in Forks at all. I did not honestly think they did. Aro, was suspicious though and I could understand why. We couldn’t afford to let the Cullens grow strong and try and over run us now could we? No that wouldn’t do.

As if on cue, my cell phone went off across the room. I didn’t have to look at the phone to know who it was. The phone flew across the room from its spot to my hand and I opened one eye to stare down at it. I didn’t want to talk to Aro today. I threw the cell phone back across the room. I was busy anyway. Meditation was very important.

“um…. Uuuummmmm.” I said calming my senses and once again blocking the world out. Aro did not matter. The volturi did not matter. I Alessandra was in my own home in Forks. The place where Aro had banished me too so I could bring law and order. “ummm. “ No big deal. “Uuummmm!” Volturi did not matter, Aro was a big ass… That did not matter.

The cell phone that was across the room, near its original spot, went off again. Grr. It was as if Aro knew exactly what I was thinking about him. The phone buzzed a few times and the voice mail went off. I ignored it.

“You know that he is just going to continue to call you until you answer right?” Petrus said from some place in the room. Near the cell phone. I sighed. So much for my meditation time.

“Just because Aro calls me does not mean that I need to answer.” I stated, keeping my eyes closed. Maybe Petrus would go away if I pretended to be busy.

“Oh yes you do. You are at his beck and call remember?”

“UUUUMMMM!” I said trying to concentrate and blocking the annoying one in the room out along with the cell phone. The Volturi did not matter. Petrus did not matter. “Uuuummmm.”

“Does that really work?”

“It would if people would stop bothering me.” I said in a smooth, calm voice, as cold as ice. Petrus laughed. And the cell phone went off yet again. Fine! I gave in and the phone flew across the room into my hand. Without opening my eyes I clicked the answer button. “Yes Aro?” I said in a bored voice.

“I was beginning to wonder when you were going to answer My Dear.” He said in his annoying smooth voice. I grimaced.

“Meditation is a very important thing to do.” I said and heard my master’s laugh.

“Ah yes this is your meditation time. I am sorry to interrupt. But how is your mission coming? Have you met any young vampires?”

“No.” I said. “ I did meet a young girl named Jenna. And people think we’re related to the Cullens. They must be very popular in this town.”

“Ah yes, my dear friend Carlisle. You must pay a call on him Dear Alessandra. Perhaps he can help.” There was a moment’s silent on the Aro’s side. “Just remember my dear that you are supposed to be a human in disguised so it would be best if you made an appointment with Dr. Cullen.”

“Make a what?” I asked now opening my eyes and standing up. The Volturi did not make appointments. We demanded our entrance and demanded to be accepted at any given time. You did not make an appointment and wait around if you were part of the Volturi let alone part of the High Guard.

“My dear you must make an appointment and act like a human would. Besides it will give you a chance to see the hospital and make a survey of it for me. You must tell me everything about your meeting with my dear friend too.” Aro continued .

“Oh don’t worry Aro. I’ll tell you every bloody damn detail.” I muttered through clenched teeth and hung the phone up. I watched it fly across the room and hit the wall. I Alessandra de Sismondi was actually going to have to make an appointment and wait at a doctor’s office? I slapped my forehead. I hated pretending to be human. I couldn’t image what it would be like to actually be human. That would be so annoying. No super strength powers or anything. I turned to glare at Petrus.

“If you had let me continue my meditation, I could have ignored that phone call.” I stated. Petrus laughed.

“Making an appointment to see a doctor is not so bad you know.” He said laughing. “Just bring a book or something to do.”

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