Friday, October 23, 2009

Carlisle's human!~ Alice post, Twilight

Blue Eyes! Carlisle had blue eyes! They were the most beautiful set of blue eyes I had ever seen! I wondered what color my eyes had been before I was a vampire. I supposed a dark brown; my hair was black after all. Though they could have been any color really. I wished I could remember more about my life before I was changed. I didn’t even know what I looked like as a human. And the only information I did know, was what I had learned from James. I sighed and backed away from my father. He was so strange looking. Yet he was still Carlisle. Would I seem that strange if I was a human?

I heard the door opened in the front of the house and could hear Em and Jasper’s feet running up the stairs. They would burst through the door at any moment. It was strange that Carlisle couldn’t hear them, he was so warm looking. His eyes practically glowed. I wondered how he came up with the antidote to being a vampire. I looked over at Seth who still looked slightly scared.

That was it. He must have used Seth as a cover up so I wouldn’t be able to see what he was doing. Carlisle knew that I wouldn’t be able to see anything he was doing if he had a dog with him. I glared at Seth and looked over at Carlisle. Now, I wondered what else I was missing. I had been so wrapped up in Bella and Edward’s wedding, that I had not paid attention to anything else.

But if Carlisle had found an antidote, I could just think of the possibilities that this could bring my family. We would all live to an old age and die one day. Forever, wasn’t even a word that would exist. And Bella and Edward could have children. Hell, we all could. And Rose could get her happy ending. Things just didn’t work out this way though and I had never seen this happening. Of course, I couldn’t see anything that involved the wolves. I frowned, I did not like it when I couldn’t see things that happened or were going to happen. Everything about this was fuzzy as if it didn’t exists.

Of course all I wanted more than anything in my life was to be human again, but if I did become a human again, how were my senses and powers going to be effected. Would I still be able to see the future? I had lived so long with being able to see the future that I couldn’t imaged what my life would be like could I not see them. Everything we did relied on my ability. I supposed I did have some sort of psychic abilities as a human. I couldn’t think of any other reason why my parents would have put me in that mental hospital had I not had them. Perhaps if I became a human, I would remember more about my life when I was a human.

Right then and there, I decided that more than anything, I wanted to be a human too like Carlisle. I would risk everything to be a human again. Just so I could have those memories back, if I got them back at all. I only hoped that Jasper would agree to do this with me. I knew that the whole family would, want to be humans if there was a chance. That was why we co existed with humans anyway. But still, you never knew if everyone would agree or not and I simply saw nothing in the future that was related to this turn of events. Everything was very muddled.

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