Saturday, October 3, 2009

Contacts and Starting Over: Alessandra, Twilight

It seemed to me that the more a person a tried not to concentrate on the past, the past itself, just seemed to slip up on you whenever you least expected it too. I was unprepared to have the flash back of my families undoing. I supposed the flashback came because I for once, had nothing to do. Sure, Aro gave me his orders. I was supposed to live as a human, blend in with the people of Forks and try to see why there were so many vampires suddenly living in the area. The problem with this, was that most of these vampires were pretending to be teenagers who attended Forks High school. This was not pleasing to the Volturi. In fact, it threatened our way of life. The vampire’s way of life I mean, not the Volturi in general of course.

Vampires rarely stayed in one place. We were nomads for the most part. With the exception of a few. The Volturi, the Denali sisters and the Cullens. Sure we had other groups of vampires, but they never stayed in one place long. To stay in a town for more than a few days was strange behavior. What was also disturbing about these teenage vampires was that they all seemed keen to keep a vegetarian diet. There was a reason why we immortals were called vampires. Vampires, did not drink animal blood. We drank human blood. Sure we could survive on animal blood, but it did not make us as strong as those who survived on human blood. It was our given right to take humans for dinner. Why any vampire would choose an animal over the taste of a human was beyond me. I thought humans tasted much better… Well not that I knew the difference.

However, the drinking of human blood created a bit of a problem for my blending into the human society. Humans do not have blood shot red eyes, and their scent followed me wherever I went. It was like walking into a pizza place, and seeing that big pizza just waiting for you. Well, not that I knew about that either. I had never had pizza. But that’s what Petrus said about the desire for human blood, and being told to suddenly live among them again right after being turned into a vampire himself. I felt a bit sorry for him. I vividly remembered my first few days as a vampire and trying not to kill every human that walked into my presence.

Anyway, back to my delema of having blood shot red eyes; it had never occurred to me that I might have to buy contacts to cover my eye color up. In Volterra, we vampires blended in with the unseen world that humans never saw. But here in Forks, I just couldn’t wander around with red eyes. So, I had to get contacts. Of course, the cashier had been extremely unsettled when she saw my red eyes. I just told her I liked a variety of color and red was how do the kids say, totally cool these days? She simply nodded her head and waved me away. I hadn’t realized I had been holding in my breath… Not that this was necessary of course, I didn’t really need to breathe to stay alive.

I walked out of the store and into the parking lot to find Petrus leading against my new car with his sun glasses on. He didn’t need the sun glasses, there was no sun, but we had decided to use them to cover up the blood red shot eyes.

Petrus opened the door for me, and helped me into the car, than shut the door. There was more than a few stares our way. Not too many people in Forks had designer clothing and top of the line cars.

“I wonder if they’re related to the Cullens.” I over heard someone say before Petrus shut the door.

“I’ve never seen them before, they must be new in town.” Someone else had said. Good, the town is starting to talk about us. It’s only a matter of time now, before the vampires who live in Forks begin to realize that the Volturi know about them, and are not happy. Perhaps, I wont have to live in Forks long. I knew that was wishful thinking.

“Do people always talk like that about vampires?”

“Vampires who can afford to have nice things they do.” I answered smirking and pulling out the contacts I had bought. I hoped they worked.

“What color did you get?”

“Dark Blue.”

“Why Dark Blue?”

“I used to have dark blue eyes.” Petrus nodded.

“That makes sense, then, why you would get dark blue contacts. I had brown eyes.” This also made sense. Petrus had light brown skin and dark hair. So it’s only natural that he would have brown eyes. “Alessandra?” He asked causally without taking his eyes off the road.


“We should attempt to start over. I mean, we’re going to be stuck in this god forsaken town for a while. And I think it might help, if we’re friends.”

I gave a sigh, he had a point, and though we had been thrown together, neither of us had really attempted much of a friendship. I was the one who had brought him to the Volturi, and Aro was the one who made me his babysitter. So neither of us really wanted much to do with the other. He had tried of course at first, but I am not used to making friends.

“I havent really been good at making friends not since….” I was about to say not since Aro had changed me into a vampire, not since my family had been killed and I had been taken as a slave to Aro of all people. Not since, my life had changed. I had stopped trusting people, humans and non humans, I didn’t trust anyone. Friendships needed trust, I think Aro knew I didn’t trust him, it’s why I was never very close to any of the Volturi, with the exception of Jane perhaps. She was very young when Aro changed her, and I had nothing in common with her. Except perhaps the fact that she went through a lot of physical pain when she died, and I went through a lot of emotional pain.

“Maybe some day when you’re ready, you can tell me about them.” Petrus said gently. “But maybe that’s part of the reason why Aro threw us together. “ He added as if he knew something I didn’t know. I frowned. This wouldn’t surprise me if it was the reason why Aro wanted to throw us together. I shrugged. It didn’t matter why Aro threw Petrus on me.

“Perhaps. One day.” I said softly. “ But right now, I will try to be friends with you.” I said and smiled. It would be nice to have someone to talk too after all these years.

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