Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lily Sandwhiches (1944 recipe)

Here's a cute idea I found from the 1944 cookbook I found off Ebay. Unfortunately I have no pictures, as I have not yet tried the recipe. But it looks interesting. Something to spice up a lunch with perhaps if you are bored with the average day lunch sandwiches.

Lily Sandwiches

Cut small circles of white bread and spread with butter.

Moisten cream cheese with cream and fill the pointed half of a teaspoon.

Practice a few times until you can make petals.

Make five petals and put a spot of jelly in the center

By coloring the cream cheese pink, you can have roses instead of lilies

The household Searchlight Recipe Book (Page 306, year 1944)
And here is a link to listen to a bunch of Vintage radio shows for free. They're really interesting and fun to listen too.

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