Friday, October 9, 2009

Major Design plans! Alice: Twilight

Boom! Boom! Aint it great to be crazy!...

I danced around the living room.

Boom! Boom! Aint it great to be crazy! Giddy and foolish the whole day long!

I did another jig. Oh happy day! I was going to not only be the sole creator of my soon to be sister in law’s wedding but also in a musical! And not just any musical! I was going to play Sandy in Grease!

Boom! Boom! Aint it great to be crazy…!

And it certainly was true that I was crazy! I danced around the room and waltz up towards the coffee table in front of the flat screen tv and sank down on the floor. There were tones of bridal and wedding magazines on the coffee table, and next to those was my script for Sandy!

Boom! Boom! Aint it great to be crazy! Giddy and foolish the whole day long!

I was going to plan everything! Bella’s wedding dress was going to be perfect! Something Edwardian… Something Edward would love to see again. Anne of Green Gables here we come! I sketched out a beautiful dress that would be made by a fashion designer in France! Next, I flipped through the cake book. Oooh I found a beautiful looking one but was not going to use it. No, I was going to design this whole wedding.

Um.. Now what about Colors? I was going to have call Bella and see what she wanted her wedding colors to be. Yes, and then Edward would have to choose some things too. Um… Maybe I should wait for them to begin my party planning.

Okay, so the wedding planning wasn’t going to go too well without the bride and groom. So on to the script.

“I'm going back to Australia; I might never see you again.”

Um… I was going to have to design the costumes for Grease so that way they would be exactly what we had in the 50s. Yes this was going to be fun! Yay!

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