Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Map of Forks and Twilight Tour Book of Forks!

Unless a writer has been to the area were they are writing, sometimes they have problems describing land marks and the area that they are writing in. Most writers, like myself I am sure get guides to the area that they are a writing in. Perhaps they watch videos, visit the place itself, or google it.

I have been having some trouble writing my Twilight Characters Alice an Alessandra lately. Because for one thing, I've never been to Forks and another, there isnt much information on the tiny town. However, lately I came across a wonderful book called;
Twilight Tours: An Illustrated Guide to the Real Forks by George Beahm. I found the book on the Fork's website actually, and bought it off Amazon for around six dollars. It's a wonderfully en-depth book, and great fun to look at. If you're writing in the Twilight world, I highly recommend it.

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