Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nothing New seems to be a good subject line!

Location: Bedroom
Music: Hopelessly Devoted to you: Grease 2007 Broadway Musical Soundtrack
Book: Black Heart of Jamaica~ Julia Golding
Mood: Happy

So life has pretty much been the same since I last wrote. Nothing new really going on, at least nothing worth telling. No new little treasures to post pictures of lol. I havent had money to buy little treasures lately but I hope that will change next week or maybe this week. I did manage to get the newest Blue Blood book and the New Moon Companion book too. And I recently bought the 2007 Revival Cast soundtrack to Grease. Heh, its pretty good. I havent watched that movie in years. Maybe I'll rent it this weekand. I have tomorrow and Saturday off.

Oooh I did manage to upload my resume onto my school's website. I really hope I can get a new job in my career. Everything is so iffy at my work place. No one knows whats going to happen with the merger and its making me very nervous. So I've decided to try and not be there when the whole thing goes through. My dad says I shouldnt worry about it because he thinks we'll be leaving for Alaska by then. But who knows what will happen.

This weekend I was going to go to the Color Cruise in Downtown Grand Ledge. I still might go. I guess it depends on if I wanna get out or not. Oh and I watched Daniel Deroda. Its a really good movie based on a book by George Elliot written back in 1876, I highly recommend it.

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