Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Running away again: Virginia; Vices Vitures

Virginia smoothed down the dress that Mrs. Farrow; John Hopswell’s housekeeper had been instructed to buy her. The dress was of a light green, French silk and French white lace. She wore matching shoes and a tiny white lace shawl. Emilia had dressed her hair up in the latest style and she had been taught the proper etiquette for the evening by Mrs. Farrow, of whom she did not like anymore than any of the other servants with the exception of Emilia. Although, Emilia herself had begun to put on airs, that did not suit Virginia.

Was that how people began to act when they better themselves? Did all people begin to put on airs and act superior to others? Virginia sighed as she stared down the hall towards the dining room where each place setting was set according to the latest etiquette and an expensive dinner waited for her. She was set to meet a good deal of her father’s friends on this night. This would be her first coming out even though it would be a small one, her father said that eventually with the help of his good friend he hoped to bring her into society and introduce her as the heir of the Hopswell fortunate.

Virginia swallowed and sank up against the wall… This was not the life that she wanted. She did not want to be introducing into society as a rich man’s daughter. She did not want to change and end up like her dear old grandmother. There were reasons why her mother ran away from her home. She gently touched her fingers together and looked back towards the dinner hall. Her face turned pale and she turned around and ran down the hallway.

She was not going to become one of those women who forced themselves into society and became a gossip trend. If she was going to become a gossip trend at all it was going to be in her own way and hopefully on the stage. She hoped to one day be as good as Sarah Siddons or perhaps even her mother. But if she stayed with John Hopswell, she would never become an actress.

Quietly, Virginia opened her bedroom door. No she was not going to inherit her father’s millions and become another pawn in high society. Let him give the money to some other woman of little standings. She liked her society and planned on keeping it.

Virginia walked towards her desk and pulled out her reticule. She had a few pounds. Enough to get back to London, and after all, she still had Branco her horse had been housed properly. So she had means to travel and not walk. London was after all a bit of a way from Bath, and night was starting to fall. But if she was going to run away, she had to do it now, while her father and others were not in the house and while Emilia was out. She looked out the window and down at the street. It wasn’t so very far off. It would be hard to run away in a dress, but that’s what she was going to have to do.

She grabbed a leather bag the one she had packed from Drury Lane, threw some clothes into it, and other personal items and then grabbed a heavy and warm cloak. She was going to need it in the weeks to come. Virginia walked back over to the window. The window itself wasn’t that far away from the ground only two stories. She gulped; it wasn’t like two stories was that far away. And after all she had climbed the catwalk at the theater. Virginia slipped her legs over the window and closed her eyes, then opened her eyes and jumped out the window.

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