Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Unpleasant Awakenings~ Virginia: Vices and Vitures

Virginia laid on a scratchy, hard surface, a strong smell of manure and hay met her nose and she felt something small and fury run across her ankle. She could vaguely hear the sound of someone approaching, but she decided not to care. She turned over and felt a warm body next to her. With a small sigh, Virginia sat up and rubbed her eyes sleepily. That had been the worst night’s sleep she had in a very long time.

As her eyes adjusted she saw Branco next to her, his was the warm body she had felt and the floor beneath her was nothing but hay and hard wood. No wonder she hadn’t slept well. Still, this wasn’t the worst bed she had ever slept in. The sound of someone approaching grew more intense, and as she was already awake, Virginia decided that now might be a good time to leave.

“What in the devil’s name are you?!” Cried a man’s surprised voice and a figure appeared around the corner staring at her as if she was indeed the devil himself. Virginia smoothed down her dress and stood as tall as she could.

“I’m just leaving.” Virginia yawned sleepily and began to tug Branco out of the stall they had both slept in.

“You haven’t answered my question.” The man said blocking the way and receiving an angry snort from Branco.

“My horse and I enjoyed your hospitality a great deal sir, but now, it is not needed any longer and I would like to leave.” The man gingerly moved aside and let Virginia past.

“Wait a minute!”He called suddenly and once again stood in front of her. “How do I know you didn’t steal anything. Let me see your belongings.”

Virginia sent the man a dangerous glare. Here she was trying to leave in a lady like manor and this brute of a man was not letting her.

“I assure you sir; I have no need to steal from you. All I wanted was a place to sleep for the night. Good day sir.” Virginia said moving around the man and mounting her horse. Once she was on top the horse, she went at a full speed gallop across the farmer’s pasture towards London.

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