Monday, November 30, 2009

Human Hands with Veins~ Alessandra: Twilight Post

"It does not surprise me that human inventions cannot capture us as we truly are! Tell me, my dear one, how was your visit to the hospital? Did you see my friend? Is he well? And what of Isabella Swan? I am deeply concerned about her, last I knew she had lost her memory! Such a tragedy!"

If I had thought the invention of the cell phone was annoying before, now I certainly found it even more annoying. Aro seemed more excited about my being in Forks than I was! I had to keep reminding myself that I was here because of Aro. I was in Forks because of Aro. Everything I did, my whole life had revolved around Aro. I was a vampire because of Aro, and now I was human because of Aro.

Human? Yes, I was human. I stood in front of the mirror, and stared at my very strange reflection. I lifted my hand up and turned it this way and that, watching it’s reflection in the mirror and staring at my strange skin, were those veins underneath my skin? Uh-oh, those veins were filled with human blood. Oh I was in so much shit.

“Dr. Cullen, Carlisle, sends his greetings and wanted me to tell you that all is well. I do not remember anything about Miss Swan however; I don’t think it was even brought up. I am sure she is well though, if Dr. Cullen did not think it was important enough to mention.” I said remembering I was on the phone. How easy it was for me to forget that even though the phone was in my hand! I gulped praying that he wouldn’t notice that my voice was human, and would continue to believe that the voice difference was due to the cell phone reception.

“Your voice is very strange, Dear. Are you sure you are alright?” He asked as if on cue, and full of concerned. Full of concerned for someone who would break your neck if he had a chance.

“Yes, Aro, I am fine.” I stated, trying to keep my voice as steady as possible. “I’m just a little busy…. How is Jane?” I asked trying to change the subject.

“She’s fine.” Aro said delighted that I asked about Jane.

“Good. Tell her I am fine, and miss her will you?” I asked awkwardly, just wishing that this stupid phone call would end.

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